Monday, 17 November 2014

Paul McCartney Flew Overnight From Brazil For Daughter’s Lincoln Center Tribute

Paul McCartney, now 72 and nimble as ever, still seemed annihilated when she arrived at Alice Tully Hall on Thursday night. He had flown overnight from Brazil, where he has been on a tour of the stadium, so it could be in the Lincoln Center tribute to their successful and beautiful daughter Stella McCartney.

Paul and his wife Nancy are supposed to do on the red carpet in Stella. But as they were literally coming from South America, the couple took their seats as the lights dimmed and the show began. Whoever cut together clips of Stella's life and career of Paul uses the song "Nineteen Eighty-Five" as the background music. When Paul himself took the stage to help give Jerry Seinfeld Stella prize, producers use "Band on the Run." As Paul spoke, actually started to break. Very emotional. Wow.

Seinfeld Stella had such a hard on stage with walnut questions when McCartney joked: "We used to greet the family Seinfeld"

The night was a weird. On one hand, it is quite amazing how Yoko Ono has become almost sort beloved grandmother in the extended group The Beatles. After decades of struggle, she and Paul seems quite comfortable now. What was especially poignant was a moment I witnessed between McCartney and Nancy Shevell Olivia Harrison women were just lovely with Yoko, hugging and having intimate chats. Nancy put her hand on the back of Yoko in a very loving way as they spoke.

There is a rich area now as the family of the Beatles has aged. Stella had family present from his mother, uncle and Aunt John Eastmans- Luisa, her mother's brother and Sister Linda. Dhani Harrison-still cannot believe what he calls Stella to her "big sister" and played his favorite song Everly Brothers, and his dad "Live and Let Die". Dhani, incidentally, is married to a beautiful, intelligent, funny girl named Sola Karadottir now Sola Harrison, who has launched a clothing line popular later called GalvanLondon. It looks like a very happy party.

Dhani, of course, has its own group- The New No.2-and having a large film scoring career. His father would be very proud, and of course, his mother Olivia Harrison ES is one of the softest souls, and he has done a miraculous job keeping George's legacy alive. She just released a box set of George's most famous albums, all remastered.

Meanwhile, in which Stella McCartney is always steam it in the newspaper, and his best friends are Liv Tyler and Gwyneth Paltrow. But she is also the mother of 4 children under the age of 9. She has a terrible husband Seinfeld called Alistair who envy for being impeccably dressed at all times. Stella is as down to earth as her late mother Linda and wonderful. You can see why it has generated so many loyal friends. Even the legendary Doris Day, who rarely speaks in public, sent an audio message to be played to the audience. Doris Day! (She and Paul are old friends.) That's saying.

PS Paul McCartney, you know, your father has just reissued two of her albums giant 70s- Wings at the speed of sound, and Venus and Mars-in collector's editions in Concord. They join McCartney, Ram and Band on the Run in the Files collection of McCartney. They are very well done. I hope we get Red Rose Speedway Wings Wildlife and Flowers in the dirt soon. There are also a McCartney tribute package for Christmas, with dozens of artists Pablo songs. McCartney said at the event: "To listen to Bob Dylan doing one of my songs ..." McCartney said, literally, with open eyes. I'm telling you, he's impressed.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Paul McCartney And His Daughter Front Row At Hunter's Show

Paul McCartney performs during the trip out there at the United Center on Chicago, Illinois.

It's not every day that you are not only one but two McCartney in the front row.

Paul McCartney and his daughter Stella fashion designer caused a stir when they sat down to watch the parade on Saturday organized by original Hunter, clutching at the next pop star Rita Ora and Vogue editor Anna Wintour. The brand, best known for his rubber galoshes, is run by the husband of Stella McCartney Alasdhair Willis.

Hunter has recently branched out into clothing - it was only the second season of the label on the circuit of London Fashion Week - but proved he can put on a fun show to go slick with its display of sports casual wear.

Saturday Showcase, which took place in a disused indoor swimming pool was the buzziest event so far as the style show five days beginning Friday. There was no pool, but a giant video backdrop showing bubbling water, submarines and sharks cartoon offsetting floating.

Boots, of course, prominently. Wellies signature used by both male and female models, come with buckles and were printed with blocks of bright colors. There was also flat sandals and combat boots, some with thick heels platform.

Models wore rain jackets, parkas, shorts and culottes pants - many in military green and brown low profile, despite suits in bright turquoise, lavender and vibrant graphic stripes always an explosion of color and style.

Paul McCartney arrived at the last minute, wearing a button-down shirt pink and a dark sports jacket. The former Beatle appeared cheerful, posing with his daughter and smiling for the cameras mischievously.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Paul McCartney And Jamie Foxx Get Down In The Hamptons

Not that anyone doubted it, but if you need proof Sir Paul McCartney can still break it down, here it is.

McCartney showed a rare set of dance moves at the Apollo in the Hamptons benefit on Saturday after being coaxed on stage during the performance of Jamie Foxx. 

The musician, 72, who was hospitalized in May after contracting a virus, attended with his wife Nancy Shevell and showed no signs of slowing.

The benefit in East Hampton estate of Ronald Perelman raised $ 4 million for artistic, educational and outreach programs and Apollo drew a long list of celebrities including Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower, Barbra Streisand and James Brolin, Anjelica Huston, Howard and Beth Stern, Dick Parsons, Harvey Weinstein, and Matt Lauer.

The guests also enjoyed performances by Sting, Jon Bon Jovi, Gladys Knight and Pharrell Williams - who closed the show with their hit songs "Blurred Lines" and "Happy".

But superstar acts were not the only thing that got the crowd riled up. In addition to McCartney, Foxx, 46, forced Gov. Chris Christie, Senator John McCain, and the director Spike Lee hosted Perelman, freestyle on stage.

Who takes the cake for best artist of the evening is up for debate, but moves McCartney and surrender of Senator McCain that the robot is at the top of our list.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Paul McCartney's Tour Postponement Has Ripple Effect Through Industry

What happens when a superstar is forced to delay shows?

Rained Out There Paul McCartney dates left thousands of disappointed fans and promoters struggling to adjust their schedules. And while the long-term costs of his recent viral infection are likely to be minimal, delays and cancellations show can become fraught with complications.

50 best albums of 2013: Paul McCartney "new"

McCartney had to pay perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars for the musicians, crew, trucks and buses hired to set up the program originally planned for June, sources say concert business, but is also likely had insurance in case cancellation. "It would be a catastrophe if Paul could not walk again, never," says Doc McGhee, director of Kiss, Darius Rucker and others. "But a postponement is only one drawback I've seen people cancel shows sold out and come back later and make 50 percent of [the] company -. Dudaría that happen to a Beatle."

Although McCartney, 71, had to postpone all his shows June in the U.S. for new dates in October, said in a statement this week that he is "feeling great" and all accounts suggest that the virus he contracted in Asia last month is a minor health problem. "Sorry, but it will be a couple of weeks before we were rocking in America again," McCartney continued, adding that he was "taking the advice of my docs' to take it easy for a few days." Rescheduled U.S. tour stadiums and arenas will begin July 5 in Albany, New York, and concluded October 28 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Representatives McCartney declined to comment further, and its promoters did not respond to interview requests.)

Performers and concert promoters often negotiate in entertainment ensuring in advance, depending on the tour - McCartney, who has been reliable for decades, can spend less secure than, say, Guns N 'Roses, which has a history shows cancellation. Deferrals generally take less than a direct financial hit of cancellations. McCartney managers are likely to have to pay the salaries of the crew and trucking contracts for June dates missing, and then renegotiate contracts for all events for October; concert promoters have to spend thousands of dollars advertising the new dates and deal with reimbursements fans. "It will be an expense," McGhee says, "but it's a nuisance."

As for the health of McCartney, McGhee and others in the concert business use the word "concerned." "Paul puts on a very intense show - is there two hours singing his heart out and playing the ass," says Bert Holman, manager of the Allman Brothers Band, which postponed four shows from March to October, due to 66 bronchitis years of age, the singer Gregg Allman. "You do that every day; it starts to get really tiring."

During the last decade, the artists in their 60s and 70s have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue concert - The 10 touring acts of Pollstar on each of the last two years have included the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters and the Eagles. "These aging rockers are more susceptible to health problems," adds Tim Jorstad, manager of the Grateful Dead and travel business manager and Carlos Santana. "When you are on the road, these guys are very, very focused on staying healthy, and isolation from someone who is sick."

Another tactic is simply to preserve the reduction in the frequency and duration of travel. The Stones, for example, have drastically reduced the duration of their tours in recent years, while the Allmans played their last concert in October. "It's definitely kicking - see Billy Joel, who plays [more or less] once a month or so, and I do not think Aerosmith is doing-back-to-back shows at the moment," says Holman. "And who is replacing?"

"When you have an illness that lasts longer,"
says Jorstad. "But the only thing I ever want to do is stop performance."

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sir Paul McCartney 'Doing Fine' After Health Drama

Sir Paul McCartney was "extremely moved" by messages of support from fans after hospitalization in Japan and is now “doing fine “after his return to London, according to a representative.

The Beatles legend was hit with a virus after arriving in the Far East for a series of concerts, and ended up scrapping all his Asian tour when he was admitted to hospital in Tokyo.

McCartney was discharged from the facility and jetted back to London on Monday (26May14), and now says he is making a good recovery.

In a monthly newsletter sent to fans on Friday (30May14), a representative of the Star writes. " You may have heard that Paul ... unfortunately had to postpone dates in Japan and South Korea this month we would like to assure Paul is doing very well and was very touched by all the messages of fans worldwide. More information will follow at that time.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Paul McCartney: All You Need Is Love

I think it has led many of us these days to digest the experience. After all, if you have seen them in concert before or not, and regardless of their age and the sense of what is cool or hip, if you grew up here in the 1960s and 70s, this was no ordinary case. This was Paul McCartney in Costa Rica.

Before the start of the performance, when a letter was heard, Sir Paul came out and stared at tens of thousands of people, and very clear Spanish, said he was happy to be here, “FINALLY!” Man who sat next to us let out an agonized cry of joy. I personally invaded during the next half hour. It was time, Paul. You have no idea.

Beatlemania was different on this side of the world. We were not protesting wars - that had already abolished them. But we were struggling to get out of the virgin forest, tiny, banana republic world he inhabited. Unlike most of our neighbors, who actually believe in peace and love, and the music was an important part of our lives.

We cumbia and merengue and salsa, and had an amazing symphony of which I was part. But when “Please Please Me" hit the airwaves, we were impressed.

Former Beatle Paul McCartney performs May 1, 2014 at the National Stadium in the capital of Costa Rica.

It was not just the fact that these guys were very good - needless to say. For reasons that I doubt anyone can really explain, captured this country. I have traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe during and after this period, and I was surprised that the rest of the world did not seem to have been affected in the way that we were here.

But time passed, and most of the world, The Beatles and McCartney solo music were relegated to the covers played in elevators and dentist chairs. Not here. All I know did their best to catch the “Time of the Beatles “on Youth Radio every Sunday. And sing. And maybe a little mourn. But more importantly, go into the world and believe.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Paul McCartney To Play August Dodger Stadium Date

Paul McCartney returns to Los Angeles with a date of August 10 at Dodger Stadium, his first major concert LA- area from a two-night stand at the Hollywood Bowl in 2010. 

A public sale for the concert, part of McCartney "Out there" tour, is scheduled for may 5 , but several pre - sale will allow fans to buy their tickets as soon as April 29 .

Tickets for the concert promoted by Goldenvoice start at $ 25 and range to $ 250, not including additional charges. Those who have the first crack at tickets will be those signed the mailing list on the website McCartney fans can do now. Site Presale will begin at 9 am on April 29.

After pre - sale, then the preference to holders of American Express credit cards , they can buy tickets starting on May 1 at 10 am will be allocated the remaining tickets will go on sale May 5 at 10 hours through the website of the Dodgers.

Last year, like most years since 1964, has witnessed a bustle of activity related to the Beatles. McCartney met drummer Ringo Starr at the Grammy Awards, and then the band was greeted in their own special commemorating the 50th anniversary of the occurrence of the act on “The Ed Sullivan Show”.

McCartney released a solo album, "New”, late last year. The Times in its review gave the album three stars out of four possible, writing that the work “balances past and present memory and future, distortion and clarity, the notions of old and new.” To promote the album, McCartney performed a concert in September at Hollywood Boulevard.

However, McCartney concerts are celebrations of Beatles and post- Beatles work of the artist. The press release touting the "Out There" tour promises at least one three-hour experience - one in which the last song before the encore never be " Hey Jude" - which covers the artist's work as a soloist, as well songs with the Beatles and Wings.

McCartney band still includes longtime collaborators Paul “Wix " Wickens on keyboards, bassist Brian Ray, guitarist Rusty Anderson and drummer Abe Laboriel Jr.

McCartney, according to the press release, last played Dodger Stadium with the Beatles in 1966.