Sunday, 17 May 2015

Paul McCartney Plots More U.S. 'Out There' Tour Dates

Paul McCartney Plots More Americans 'out there' Concerts

Paul McCartney announced the first 2015 show out there within their Tour.

Paul McCartney has announced more dates. Scroll down to see the latest additions are in bold.

Even after almost 60 years as an active musician, Paul McCartney is still one of the most prolific artists on tour. The former Beatle has just announced its first US date sand 2015: Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on June 21. It will be his first show in the city since 2010.

McCartney, who is currently touring Japan and South Korea, played 32 dates on out there touring South, Central and North America last year. Although the point of Philly's your first date arena 2015, the artist has confirmed two festival appearances: Firefly on 19 June and 31 July Lollapalooza.

McCartney has kept busy since the release of his 2013 album new. The music veteran has found a new collaborator Kanye West and has appeared in three of the rapper's latest singles, "alone", "All Day" and "FourFiveSeconds". McCartney, West and Rihanna released his first live performance of "FourFiveSeconds" at the Grammy Awards this year. A week later, McCartney surprised fans with an intimate Valentine's Day show at the City Club of New York Irving Plaza.

Last week, the musician joined fellow Beatle Ringo Starr in the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll. "It is time for shit, man!" McCartney said after the ceremony where he and Starr performed together. "That's what my daughter said a few years ago. It's great. It's the culmination. Now the four of us are in a band and as individuals. It would have been a pity that he had not been to, right?"

Tickets for the show at Wells Fargo Center will be on sale May 1 at noon local time.

Paul McCartney Tour Dates:

June 21st - Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center
June 23rd - Charlottesville, VA @ John Paul Jones Arena
June 25th - Columbia, SC @ Colonial Life Arena

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Is Kanye West’s New Song Based On This Obscure, 45-Year-Old Outtake From Paul McCartney?

After months of fragments filtered, assisted flamethrower in action BRIT Awards last week, and the wide circulation within rip this afternoon, you can finally hear the full studio version of Kanye West "All Day" then iHeartRadio through.

 Is "All Day" based on the output connection oldMcCartney "When the wind blows"?

While the studio version, for the most part, the live version approach, departs most dramatically in the last minute. While the song seems designed to be from album "Ni ** as in Paris" as favorite club (even repeated "ball" of the hit / rhymes "mall" and "that shit cray" chorus), the last minute decision an abrupt left turn in the acoustic strumming and whistles. Although it is the last thing you'd expect at a track like this, which actually comes courtesy of new frequent collaborator Paul McCartney (as confirmed by rapper and singer Theophilus London, which also features on the track), when McCartney had his own first child with his wife Linda.

You can hear Paul tell the whole story behind the interlude below, but here's the rub. Paul says that while circling in the hospital after birth, he was looking at a Picasso painting of an old man playing guitar (presumably Old Guitarist), when he realized that the man was playing a chord that uses "... only two fingers." He tried to recreate the rope, and he thought it sounded good, so I tried to write a whole song around this issue with two fingers.

He later recorded the song during sessions Ram as a guitar track and gentle hissing flame was never released, but recordings have found their way online "When the wind blows."

Although the 45-year-old chord progression is barely recognizable when sung in "Monster" in the style of layered vocals and played synth bass, also appears to be the basis for progression own chords "All Day" on all. I did West and McCartney, who also recorded the ballad of parents "Only One" together, bond over memories of their first child, and end this? What is really cray is that this old lullaby of a song would, after decades, to join the new club banger Kanye West.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Is Paul McCartney Co-Producing Kanye West’s Next Album?

Ibn Jasper says he will be.

Update: According to representatives of Rolling Stone Paul McCartney says he does not co-produce all of the new album by Kanye West.

Kanye West and Paul McCartney seem to be a match made in musical heaven and looks like we're about to get even more of this unlikely duo but-impressive, according to longtime friend and barber Yeezy, Ibn Jasper.

"All new Kanye album is co-produced with Paul McCartney," Jasper said in a commentary Instagram.

McCartney and West basically broke the Internet as a cover of Kim K with his last two collaborations. The last cut, "FourFiveSeconds" which fell on Saturday (January 24), is likely to be on the album Yeezy, but can also appear in another highly anticipated effort.

"He decided to Rihanna in the song and put it on her two albums, as are the two Roc Nation [artists]," said Jasper.

If the right of Jasper, the new album from West could follow what has already become an interesting race Kanye McCartney. However, we can only hope this album Kanye falls soon.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Paul McCartney On Twitter

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Paul McCartney: Beatles Courses Are 'Ridiculous But Flattering'

Sir Paul McCartney co-founded the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts

Sir Paul McCartney has called popular music courses that focus on the "ridiculous" Beatles.

"We have never studied anything, we loved our popular music," he said. "I think for us, we felt it would have ruined study it."

The musician made the remarks during his participation in a Q & A on its website.

However, Sir Paul admitted that classes incorporating music from the Beatles were "kind of cool idea" and "very flattering".

"Being told - like years ago - that the Beatles were in the history books my son that was like 'What Unbelievable, man?!?" He said.

The 72-year-old added that great musicians could not be created in the classroom.

"It may be that you use [courses pop music] to teach others about the story, that's all worthwhile," he said.

"But to think that you can go to school and go as Bob Dylan? Someone like Bob Dylan, you cannot do."

Sir Paul said it was "amazing, The Beatles featured in the history books

Sir Paul co-founded the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (Lipa) in 1996. Based on old school musician, the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys, which offers degree courses in music, along with theater and dance.

"It was an early decision when we were thinking about our policies Lipa, we said, 'We want to empower people to become road,'" he said.

"Give them as much information as possible. But you cannot tell them how to become a Bob Dylan or John Lennon because, you know, nobody knows how this happens."

Responding to another question about the current state of the music industry, the star said he did not believe that modern technology resulted in better records.

"We would record four tracks in one day - that is incomprehensible now -  ... And those four tracks still sell more than most contemporary records So obviously, the system was pretty good was very simple, it just had to be very disciplined ... we knew we had to play well, "he said.

"Whereas now you know you will," Let's do another take or get in the mix, we'll just take that bum out note, we will keep in Pro-Tools, we'll fix it. 'But it gives you, I think, too many choices.

"It's great, is very luxurious, but I do not think it helps the process."

Monday, 17 November 2014

Paul McCartney Flew Overnight From Brazil For Daughter’s Lincoln Center Tribute

Paul McCartney, now 72 and nimble as ever, still seemed annihilated when she arrived at Alice Tully Hall on Thursday night. He had flown overnight from Brazil, where he has been on a tour of the stadium, so it could be in the Lincoln Center tribute to their successful and beautiful daughter Stella McCartney.

Paul and his wife Nancy are supposed to do on the red carpet in Stella. But as they were literally coming from South America, the couple took their seats as the lights dimmed and the show began. Whoever cut together clips of Stella's life and career of Paul uses the song "Nineteen Eighty-Five" as the background music. When Paul himself took the stage to help give Jerry Seinfeld Stella prize, producers use "Band on the Run." As Paul spoke, actually started to break. Very emotional. Wow.

Seinfeld Stella had such a hard on stage with walnut questions when McCartney joked: "We used to greet the family Seinfeld"

The night was a weird. On one hand, it is quite amazing how Yoko Ono has become almost sort beloved grandmother in the extended group The Beatles. After decades of struggle, she and Paul seems quite comfortable now. What was especially poignant was a moment I witnessed between McCartney and Nancy Shevell Olivia Harrison women were just lovely with Yoko, hugging and having intimate chats. Nancy put her hand on the back of Yoko in a very loving way as they spoke.

There is a rich area now as the family of the Beatles has aged. Stella had family present from his mother, uncle and Aunt John Eastmans- Luisa, her mother's brother and Sister Linda. Dhani Harrison-still cannot believe what he calls Stella to her "big sister" and played his favorite song Everly Brothers, and his dad "Live and Let Die". Dhani, incidentally, is married to a beautiful, intelligent, funny girl named Sola Karadottir now Sola Harrison, who has launched a clothing line popular later called GalvanLondon. It looks like a very happy party.

Dhani, of course, has its own group- The New No.2-and having a large film scoring career. His father would be very proud, and of course, his mother Olivia Harrison ES is one of the softest souls, and he has done a miraculous job keeping George's legacy alive. She just released a box set of George's most famous albums, all remastered.

Meanwhile, in which Stella McCartney is always steam it in the newspaper, and his best friends are Liv Tyler and Gwyneth Paltrow. But she is also the mother of 4 children under the age of 9. She has a terrible husband Seinfeld called Alistair who envy for being impeccably dressed at all times. Stella is as down to earth as her late mother Linda and wonderful. You can see why it has generated so many loyal friends. Even the legendary Doris Day, who rarely speaks in public, sent an audio message to be played to the audience. Doris Day! (She and Paul are old friends.) That's saying.

PS Paul McCartney, you know, your father has just reissued two of her albums giant 70s- Wings at the speed of sound, and Venus and Mars-in collector's editions in Concord. They join McCartney, Ram and Band on the Run in the Files collection of McCartney. They are very well done. I hope we get Red Rose Speedway Wings Wildlife and Flowers in the dirt soon. There are also a McCartney tribute package for Christmas, with dozens of artists Pablo songs. McCartney said at the event: "To listen to Bob Dylan doing one of my songs ..." McCartney said, literally, with open eyes. I'm telling you, he's impressed.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Paul McCartney And His Daughter Front Row At Hunter's Show

Paul McCartney performs during the trip out there at the United Center on Chicago, Illinois.

It's not every day that you are not only one but two McCartney in the front row.

Paul McCartney and his daughter Stella fashion designer caused a stir when they sat down to watch the parade on Saturday organized by original Hunter, clutching at the next pop star Rita Ora and Vogue editor Anna Wintour. The brand, best known for his rubber galoshes, is run by the husband of Stella McCartney Alasdhair Willis.

Hunter has recently branched out into clothing - it was only the second season of the label on the circuit of London Fashion Week - but proved he can put on a fun show to go slick with its display of sports casual wear.

Saturday Showcase, which took place in a disused indoor swimming pool was the buzziest event so far as the style show five days beginning Friday. There was no pool, but a giant video backdrop showing bubbling water, submarines and sharks cartoon offsetting floating.

Boots, of course, prominently. Wellies signature used by both male and female models, come with buckles and were printed with blocks of bright colors. There was also flat sandals and combat boots, some with thick heels platform.

Models wore rain jackets, parkas, shorts and culottes pants - many in military green and brown low profile, despite suits in bright turquoise, lavender and vibrant graphic stripes always an explosion of color and style.

Paul McCartney arrived at the last minute, wearing a button-down shirt pink and a dark sports jacket. The former Beatle appeared cheerful, posing with his daughter and smiling for the cameras mischievously.