Sunday, 13 April 2014

Paul McCartney Locks In Four U.S. Tour Dates, More In The Works

The former Beatle will play two dates in the South in June

Apart from some Beatles-related celebrations earlier this year, Paul McCartney has not played the U.S. from his surprise concert secondary assembly last October.

 That will change , however, when playing four concerts in the U.S., starting this June, after a handful of international dates as part of its ongoing out there touring in support of his 2013 album New .

On June 19, McCartney will play New Orleans ' Smoothie King Center and on June 26 , will set up shop in Louisville KFC Yum! Center. Then in July, will be held in Albany, New York, at the Times Union Center in the fifth and in the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh in the seventh. Web page of the former Beatle said it will announce more dates in the future.

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McCartney appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone last year and also to speak again, he said that he had finally resolved their differences with Yoko Ono , going so far as to call her a ' rude ' .

"I thought, ' If John loved her, there must be something. He is not stupid,'" he said. "It's like, what you gonna do? Are you going to hold a grudge it you never had? "

Where did Paul McCartney range 'New' among the top 50 albums of 2013?

He and Ono appeared in public together earlier this year, both the Grammy and the filming of a television special, the night that changed America:

A Grammy Salute to the Beatles. A variety of artists including Dave Grohl, the Eurythmics and Maroon 5 performed Beatles songs in the latter case, and both McCartney performs, as did Ringo Sta, with the pair performing together both times. When all was said and done, McCartney benefited from a bump post- Grammy sales for his work with Nirvana, "Cut Me Some Slack”

Monday, 31 March 2014

Dan Croll On Music, Muses And Meeting Paul McCartney

In a world of young, made pop singers trying too hard, there's something refreshing about a clean cut without singer claims the specifications remember Buddy Holly.

As a teenager, Dan Croll, 23, thought he might have a career in rugby. But a broken field at 17 foot ended his sporting aspirations. "I've always been musical and played a couple of instruments," says Croll, "then decided I wanted to have a go at the music.”

At 18, Croll left his home in Staffordshire, England to attend the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. In 2011, his last year there, he won the Musicians Benevolent Fund Songwriter of the Year, which included a £ 5000, or about $ 9,000 prize. He used the money wisely. "I ended up doing a basic home studio to start recording my own music in my spare time.” But like most college kids, admits, “Some of it could have gone down the pub.”

The day after collecting his award , he met with Sir Paul McCartney during a 45-minute session of one-on - one, one awarded to seven students a year privilege , because McCartney is a co-founder of LIPA ( no , after all , no more famous Liverpool band the Beatles) . Croll played two of his songs to McCartney, one of which, "Home”, finished his debut album, "Sweet Disarray” (Capital Records), which falls in the U.S. Today.

Asked about the experience of playing with former Beatle, Croll said, “Flew so fast.” McCartney quickly learned the songs and sang and harmonized Croll. "If I could have come a microphone and recorded him singing, that would have been great.” Although the visit was short, McCartney made an impression.

“He is incredibly realistic and humble, a man well grounded. Took away from it is always great to be open to people and listen to their music, but I can influence you more."

Croll describes her music as folk- pop and credits his mother as one of his inspirations. “At an early age, my mother had a lot of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and jazz music also American composers - . James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, The Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel “she recalls. In his years of teenage angst, he got into American pop bands - punk like Blink- 182 and Sum 41. As for how they came to their current sound, Croll said: "In the last five years I have heard a lot of new music and electronic music I think it's a kind of mix of the new, but there are plenty . Of influences from around the world. I love African music, hip- hop and R & B, so it all kind of melded with the music. "

In conjunction with the launch of the U.S. album, Will be touring the U.S., kicking off in Los Angeles on Friday and stop by Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan on April 17. Although Croll wrote and recorded a solo album, touring with a band. "They are good chaps, very talented musicians," he says. "We've all been partners for the last six or seven years. Come with me everywhere for living matter.”

In addition to having the support of his friends, has found support within the fashion community. "We made a small album release party at the Paul Smith store [in London], which was nice and hopefully it will be a bit more than across stores, hopefully everyone" he says. "Through connections I got to know Paul Smith and he has been very supportive of my music. I have to go out with him a lot; he is such an inspiring man."

Burberry has also supported the race Croll, offers a video shoot in Burberry Acoustic performing “Home “. had it in a video of a live acoustic set. "It's important for my music through that kind of world, because it is very important to me," he says. “From Fashion has always been something I've grown up with, my sister studied fashion and she is in the industry.”

Croll describes her fashion style as " quite simple really.”

“I do not mean plain, that sounds boring, but there is a lot of usage pattern," he adds. His glasses have become part of their look. “Until a week ago, I had a pair of glasses ever. This pair I've been using for the past four years, are Paul Smith and then he gave me a [new ] par " he says proudly . "For the first time in my life, I own a spare. "

Friday, 28 March 2014

Elephant Thought Rescued By Sir Paul McCartney Found Beaten In Chicken Shack

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: 14-year- old elephant, Sunder, seen in chains outside poultry shed in Kolhapur, India March 21, 2014. (Whitehotpix / ZUMA Press)

During a trip to India in 2012, the former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has been moved enough by the sight of a 14 year old elephant named Sunder, abused by his handlers to Jyotiba Temple in South Mumbai, to design a campaign for the release of the animal.

McCartney has made arrangements with the forest department of the State of Maharashtra and Project Elephant, an Indian government, Sunder to switch to a sanctuary. But the investigation of a group for the rights of animals in February found Sunder was simply stuck in a chicken shack , shackled in chains heavy enough to prevent him from lying down to sleep .

Even worse, the investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals captured video footage of the animal, looking malnourished and beaten by his manager. The above photo, exclusive News, showing the conditions of the elephant, chained securely and clearly not at liberty in a sanctuary.

Sunder was also seen” writhing in pain and struggling to stand as the mahout (handler) hits him repeatedly, “said PETA's director of veterinary affairs, Dr. Manilal Valliyate.” Sunder visibly recoils in fear from the mahout armed weapon, which continues to threaten him with violence after it has stopped. "

Sunder, at age 14 he was still a young elephant, was no stranger to abuse. By the time the former Beatle found him, he had spent six years at the temple in the city of Kolhapur. It was covered with scars and had an eye injury and a hole in his ear. A local politician had donated the animal to the temple.

Now, he said PETA , Sunder is languishing without bedding in the cabin, open on three sides in the hot sun during the day and cold at night and winds .

The situation Sunder is ironic in a country where an elephant -headed god Ganesh is worshiped by millions of Hindus, and whose most famous social activist, Mohandas Gandhi once said, "You can judge the morality of a nation by the way in which society treats its animals.”

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Third And Fourth Shows Announced For Paul McCartney's 2014 Out There! Tour

After announcing the second show of the tour in Lima, Peru from March 13, Paul McCartney has

Earlier in the day, the site of Paul McCartney will perform April 25 at the National Stadium in Lima, Peru. The site says a pre- sale on its website for this air show begins at 10 am March 14. McCartney has confirmed the first date of their tour in 2014 in Santiago, Chile on March 9.

Other reports say that McCartney also played in Korea. The trial Korea reportedly be in the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, home of the 1988 Olympics, which holds about 69,000 people. Visit also rumored to hit Japan and perhaps the United States, although these cases are not confirmed.

added two more shows in the late afternoon on the ads on your site. The two new shows are in Quito, Ecuador on April 28 at Estadio League and May 1 in San Jose, Costa Rica, at the National Stadium. Advance sales for all events begin at 20:00 local time, 17, Mars through your website. Local reports had indicated that there would be shows in both places.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Paul McCartney To Perform In Costa Rica On May 1

Paul McCartney is 71 years young .Courtesy turns out there

On May 1 , the beatific Beatle Paul McCartney will perform at the National Stadium in San Jose. The concert is part of his " Out There " tour, a tour of the ringed planet that was scheduled to end in November. McCartney and his four bandmates chose to extend the tour in Latin America in 2014 and first played Santiago , Chile, on April 21 . 

McCartney has been famous since the mid- 1960s, when The Beatles conquered the UK and the U.S. invaded Since then McCartney has become one of the most iconic and successful musicians in history , selling 100 million albums and 100 million singles.

 His collaborations with John Lennon writing are among the most beloved songs of all time classic rock, and even today 's creativity seems endless McCartney : The singer has cut four albums of pop in the last decade , and two records backing . He has also become an emblem of a variety of charitable causes , from vegetarianism to Sandy hurricane relief . Answer their contributions to music ,  

Queen Elizabeth II knighted McCartney in 1997.According to the press material, the concert will feature songs from her album " New" , published last October. According to McCartney , the album is largely a tribute to Nancy Shevell , his wife of three years, despite hundreds of millions of fans probably imagine it's really about them. 
Paul McCartney will perform May 1 at the National Stadium San José , La Sabana .

Paul McCartney Confirms Concert In Lima, Peru

Stratified rock star released a video greeting Peruvian fans ahead of his appearance April 25 at the National Stadium.

Iconic rock star Paul McCartney has officially confirmed the concert April 25 in Lima, Peru .
In February, the Peruvian news publication Perú21 reported that McCartney would come to Peru for a concert April , citing information from an unofficial source within time for fun , the company that was supposedly organizing the event . Several other Peruvian news media reported the news , but , until today , the concert remained unconfirmed by former - Beatle .
Today, a video with Sir Paul invites his Peruvian fans to come and see in Lima was posted on YouTube by events and marketing company MVV Asociados. " Hey , everbody in Lima, Peru , hello ! " Says a McCartney smiling, 

" Listen, it's Paul here , saying ' come and see us , on April 25 in Lima , Peru . 're Gonna rock , let's roll , and we need you out there in the Tour. "According to RPP , the tickets for the concert on April 25 at the National Stadium in Lima will go on sale on Monday 17 March. Tickets will be available through Teleticket in Wong and Metro .  

RPP reports that ticket prices start at S / . 120 and up to S / . 1450 .
McCartney last appeared in Lima in May 2011 .

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Daft Punk, Paul McCartney Lead Post-Grammy Sales and Stream Bumps | News

In addition to the inclusion of three Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year , and performing several songs with an all- star band with Stevie Wonder and Nile Rodgers, the robot duo Daft Punk in post-show sales and online streaming cleaned. The band Spotify streams by more than 200 percent after Sunday night CBS program , "Get Lucky " hit Shazam Top " bought tracks " 5 list , and random access memory rose from number 51 to number three on Amazon's bestselling MP3 .

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Although the robot characteristic never showed their faces, appear in black and white helmets during the show , from the presence of Pharrell Williams, who sang on "Get Lucky" and accepted awards on Daft Punk's name in its huge park - Ranger hat they benefited . But the face of the 2014 Grammys was probably Paul McCartney, who was omnipresent , the reunion on stage with Ringo Starr, winning Best Rock Song for his collaboration Nirvana " Cut Me Some Slack " and dancing in the front row. His Spotify streams jumped 126 percent from Sunday to Monday , and " Cut Me Some Slack " increased by more than 9,000 percent on Amazon , by Number 21943 numbers to 134.
Other big winners , by the numbers : Chicago? " Does anyone know what time it is , " which is the soft rock performed Big Band with Robin Thicke, rose by 150 percent to Spotify, Kendrick Lamar Spotify streams increased 99 percent ( even if its employees, Imagine yourself in front of the Dragon increased by only 37 percent) , Lorde's " Royals " and Pure Heroine shot to number One on Amazon MP3 song and album charts , and country Rookie Kacey Musgraves ' electric power increased booted same album trailer Park Various of number 20 to number two on Amazon Shazam and lists also dominated .
Post- Grammy sales statistics were incomplete because latest weekly figures from Nielsen Sound Scan counted only the Sunday of the CBS broadcast. But Billboard reported the Grammy increased 13 albums, including Lorde Pure Heroine , which jumped from number seven to number five on the album charts and by 19 percent in sales and Katy Perry Prism, which retain at Number Nine , but by 11 percent. Numerous Grammy -related songs also rose in the charts , especially John Legend " All of Me " , sales increased 110 percent , rising from number 44 to number 15th
Taylor Swift, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis , Beyonce , Pink, Metallica, Keith Urban and Justin Timberlake, all winners and prominent artists , received distribution and streaming boosts as well.